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Instituto Superior Técnico Satellite Receives 'Green Light' from Anacom

The National Communications Authority (Anacom) has issued an operating license for space launching and command and control of a satellite from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), which is the second license as a space authority, it was announced today.

Instituto Superior Técnico Satellite Receives 'Green Light' from Anacom
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"The satellite in question is the ISTSAT-1 (Cubesat 1U), whose launch into space should be ensured by the Ariane 6 on its inaugural flight, which is scheduled for the period between 15 June and 31 July", says Anacom.

According to the regulatory authority, "the granting of the license represents the culmination of a collaborative process between Anacom and the Instituto Superior Técnico, which began in mid-2023, with a view to instructing the licensing process for the launch and command and control of the ISTSAT-1".

In this way, Anacom joins the "second Portuguese space project in the 21st century to go to space, issuing a global license", which authorises the launch and command and control of the ISTSAT-1.

Anacom explains that this satellite, "once placed in an orbit about 500 kilometres from Earth, will have the purpose of studying and obtaining scientific data from ADS-b ('Automatic Data Surveillance-broadcasting'), which is a system associated with the management and control of air traffic".

This is the second launch under the new regulatory framework, "a legal framework that is among the best practices, by allowing agility, flexibility and speed in satellite licensing, without the payment of fees".

The licensing of this satellite will be carried out by Anacom, as the space authority, which "safeguards the international responsibilities of the Portuguese State and national strategic interests, in addition to imposing a set of duties in terms of sustainability and space safety", emphasises the regulator.

Anacom also highlights that this second licensing is "a milestone in this new phase of the development of the national space ecosystem, in which satellites entirely developed and built in Portugal are once again launched into Earth's orbit".

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