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TPI will investigate allegations of crimes against humanity in Caracas

The International Criminal Court (ICC) today opened an office in Venezuela to investigate, together with local authorities, allegations of alleged crimes against humanity, within the scope of the "principle of complementarity and cooperation".

TPI will investigate allegations of crimes against humanity in Caracas
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The opening of the office was announced by the ICC Prosecutor, Karim Khan, through the social network X, (formerly Twitter).

"ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan is opening an office in Venezuela and, in accordance with the principles of complementarity and cooperation, the office's activities will support efforts to enhance national justice initiatives and further increase the (body's) presence on the ground," the message reads.

The ICC prosecutor began his fourth visit to Venezuela on Monday to start a joint work plan with local authorities, to investigate allegations of alleged crimes against humanity.

"My job is not to be popular and I'm sure I won't be. My job is to apply the law (...) it was clear that I have jurisdiction to continue the investigation," Karim Khan said on Monday during a meeting of the National Assembly (AN).

The ICC prosecutor also stressed that there is "a unique opportunity to continue with the investigations" into alleged crimes against humanity in the country, "independently, to create a link between the law and the technical support" of that body, in favor of justice in Venezuela.

Upon arriving in Caracas, Karim Khan was received by President Nicolás Maduro and Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

In December, Karim Khan and Maduro signed a work plan to investigate allegations of alleged crimes against humanity in Venezuela, after an agreement was signed in March 2022 to open a technical cooperation office for the ICC in Caracas.

At the end of 2021, the ICC decided to investigate the Venezuelan government for alleged human rights violations, including alleged violence against the opposition and civil society.

In June 2022, the ICC authorized Karim Khan to resume the investigations.

The Court considered that the criminal proceedings in Venezuela do not sufficiently reflect the scope of the investigations planned by the body, and that there are "unexplained periods of inactivity", according to a statement published on the court's website.

The Venezuelan government rejected the decision and stressed that "it has denounced the intention of using the mechanisms of international criminal justice for political purposes, linked to the 'regime change' strategy promoted by the US authorities".

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