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Never Do This When Freezing Leftovers

Chances are you're wasting a lot of food. Learn how to stop.

Never Do This When Freezing Leftovers
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When there is leftover food, do you start preparing everything to freeze it right away? Even if it is still hot? It is time to change your habits because that way the chances of spoiling and wasting the food are very high, warns Mitzi Baum, a food safety instructor at Michigan State University, in the United States, quoted on Martha Stewart's website.

Unfortunately, "putting hot food in the freezer can raise the temperature inside the appliance, causing other foods to start to thaw", she adds.

It is possible that this will stimulate "harmful bacteria to multiply and grow, increasing the risk of foodborne illness", as well as the formation of ice crystals in the food.

Taking this into account, the specialist advises that you cool the food completely before freezing it. To speed up the process, you can "separate the food into shallow containers and then cool it in the refrigerator".

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